A few other things…

I’m very excited to say that I was published again by HelloGiggles!  Thank you to everyone for their support, it means the world!  If you haven’t checked out the article yet, you can find it here!

Also, it took us a while to post our last entry about Ipiales because we had the hardest time uploading pictures.  It’s only been recently but it seems to be a problem everywhere we go.  So…

This problem could go away and we’ll have no problem loading pictures, or it could be like this for the rest of South America, we just don’t know!  (And we really wanted to try a poll!)

Thanks for your input, it’s super helpful to us!!



4 thoughts on “A few other things…

  1. Hey you two!
    So I may have a solution for you. I had the same problem when I was in Costa Rica. It would take FOR-EVER to upload pics onto my wordpress and apparently it was because the image size (or something techy-sounding like that) was so big and uploading had to crunch it and let’s face it,you’re not working with super fast internet. Here’s what I figured out…I would “export” my pictures I wanted to post into a new folder, (I was using picasa) but would change the properties so instead of them being 500×500(or whatever the default is) I made them much smaller, 300×300(or some numbers similar, I will have to go back to me blog when I am back home to see what the actual numbers where.) I found this helped a ton! Hope it helps you too!

    • Hey Liz,

      Thanks for the tip!! On wordpress you can upload at 4 different sizes, the one I use is full size which is 500 something x 300 something, but there is a 300 x 300 something one, would that be the same thing? Then the pictures are smaller when they’re published

      • I’m not sure if doing it that way will help. I’m in NY now, but will check out how I did it when I get back to my computer tomorrow night. I remember it made a HUGE difference. Enjoy y buenas suerte!

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